2013 Results!

Congratulations to all who participated in our 2013 contest, and here are our winners! Winners will be contacted for their prizes.

Heartfelt thanks to all our Jury team for their hard work at every stage of this contest. We hope it was an interesting experience. 2014 Contest will be announced soon.


1st Prize: Development of Low Cost Arterial Pulse Analyzer on Aakash Tablet for Rural PHCs


University: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, India


We need to build low cost alternative to ECG which can be easily interpreted at
PHCs/medical vans to screen out risked cases. They can be provided medication and feedback
at PHC. Regular monitoring of Cardiovascular health will help diagnose various CVDs in early
stage without forcing any economic/physical burden on patients and thus prevent it from
turning into a major illness.

We are building a low-cost(around INR 3500) Arterial Pulse Analyzer which can be used at Rural PHCs/Medical Vans/camps to monitor some important parameters of Arterial Pulse to diagnose cardiovascular diseases in their early stages.

2nd Prize: Ultrasonic Spectacles and Waist-belt for mobility of Visually Impaired People


University: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India


Need of user centric technology solution to improve mobility of Visually Impaired People. The solution should address following key issues:
(i) Reliable usable functions,
(ii) Simple user interface,
(iii) Cosmetic acceptability, and
(iv) Cost affordability.

3rd Prize: Versatile personal navigation aid and information portal for visually impaired and elderly people in Hong Kong


University: University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


In Hong Kong, visually impaired people and elderly people often have difficulties in traveling around in the city. One reason is that roads and building structures are sophisticated, due to the small size of Hong Kong. They need some device that can provide useful real-time information about their whereabouts and how to get to some place, easy phone access to their relatives/guardians/friends, and other useful information such as the current time/weather/news.

Special Appreciation:

1) Stand-Alone Renewable Hybrid Power Generation System for Biogas Operations & Basic Home Applications


Organization: Madras SIGHT

2) Home Level Biomass Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration System for Chinese Mountainous and Forested Areas Residents


University:Hunan University,China